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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  March 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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he referred to my hands. if they are small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there is no problem. struck the debate with a thing. that wasn't even the worst of it. the four republican candidates point low for blow. marc stewart is monitoring this debate tonight. a lot of bickering tonight but not a lot of discussion on the issues. >> no, we both watched intent despite best efforts, this debate was a spectacle. substance came second. among the topics briefly covered: the economy, immigration, terrorism, yet the personal insults are impossible to ignore. >> i think i'm talking. >> called on. >> reporter: civility was on
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the day. >> don't worry about it little marco rubio. don't worry about it. >> gentlemen. gentlemen. >> you've got to do better than ttis. >> reporter: during the debate, trump responded to harsh criticism by former republican presidential nominee mitt romney and defended his changing stances on issues. >> i have never seen a successful person who wasn't flexible, who didn't have a certain degree of flexibility. >> reporter: on job creation, rubio stuck to the part of llss government intervention. >> that's the problem with the democratic party. they can government creates jobs. it doesn't. >> reporter: positions uncritical concerns facing the country often got pushed to the side. this debate became a war against trump and hillary clinton. >> donald trump in 2008 wrote four checks to elec clinton as president. >> reporter: there was little
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kasich tried to portray himself to save the republican party. >> i've never try to go and get into these kind of scrums on the stage. >> reporter: what's next? michael rubio needs to win the florida primary and john kasich needs to win ohio to stay in the race. the election is rewriting history. >> x even called himself the adult on the stage tonight and said he was in the best -- governor kasich even called himself thh adult on the stage best candidate. polling averages show john kasich beats clinton by more than anyone else -- anyone else in the race on fact check but he only be clinton wants, by 11 points. presidential nominee mitt romney asking voters to bb other republican but trump.
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chairman of colorado why it's assumed you aren't thoughtful if you support trump? >> they have told london's, they have told donald trump that they are voting with their middle finger, because they are angry. not because they are thoughtful. >> reporter: from a didn't throw his support behind any remaining candidates. for the democrats, hillary clinton's email scandal is back in the spotlight. the eight who establissed her private server was granted immunity by he fbi. senator bernie sanders spent the day trying to play catch-up in michigan. this we politics on what, a closer look at the fallout from super tuesday in both the democrat and republican parties coming up sunday at 4 pm right ere on denver7. we're working on a lot of stories. a woman on her way to meet her husbann was hit and killed in north release last night. this was breaking news at 10:00 last night. we're learning more about patty
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a friend tells us -- a yellow -- ayala. a memorial now marks the spot where she was killed. >> she didn't hold anything back the way she talked to you. she would help you out, give the shirt off her back. >> there's no crosswalk on the road but there is an underground pathway for guest's and employees. the driver stayed on the scene and has not been charged. this u.s. honor flag is now on display at platte canyon high school in bailey from graham zero. it will be on display for 13 hours representing the 13 years corporal nate carrigan served the park county sheriff's office. developing tonight, two deputies in park county have been disciplined in the aftermath of a shooting that killed one of their own. the sheriff says neither the undersheriff nor a sh involved in the planning or execution of the operation that led to the fatal shooting of the deputy.
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and take on us -- tejonas has been -- has resigned. >> officials say they are running out of space. liz doherty is at the 911 center. you sat down with the director today. >> reporter: yes, we had a chance to sit down with her and when you pick up the phone to dial 911, someone inside this building answers your call. earlier today, we had a chance to go inside and see what is behind the push for a new 911 center. >> denver 911. what is the address of your emergency? >> reporter: critical calls coming in 24/7. this is the nerve center inside denver 911. >> very tight quarters. >> reporter: director athena butler says the center is at capacity with the 16% increase in 911 call volume last year. >> the other challenge is to add more people to match the grooth we are experiencing and
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increase we are experiencing. i don't have the space to add additional workspaces. >> reporter: council approved a $1 million design contract for a new 911 center. it will be housed in a former call center allowing for more than double the space and new technology. >> similar advancements for technology, bringing more equipment, some of the long- term planning is to be able to look at situations and see the video and see things and do some analysis and determine where else we need to send units. >> reporter: dealing with stressful situations like a hailstorm last june, when more than 75 calls were placed on hold, ii 2015 1.1 million calls came into the center. butler says that number is expected to grow. >> we really need to add additional people in that means additional workstations and technology. >> reporter: and butler is asking employees for input on this new design. once you get into this new building -- they
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by late 2017 or early 2018. right now, a former texas death row inmate is accused of keeping a homeless woman in his colorado home for months and repeatedly raping her. claude wilkerson is accused of chaining of a woman with help from a runaway teenager who lived with him near grand junction. when they interviewed the victim, the woman didn't know what month it was or how long she was held captive extract call it carefree, car free living. the newest trenn in denver is tiny apartments with a tiny price tag. russell haythorn is at one of those proposed locations and these come in response to skyhigh rent prices. >> reporter: developers feel like this is the missing component to the denver housing market. take this property for example. a tiny 1 acre lot in the heart of the city currently home to a day care. the vision for this spot, many
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>> no frills, no thrills, no on- site pool, no workout facility. and no parking. in denver's historic five points neighborhood, -- >> it's changed so much. >> reporter: what was once known for gangs and violence is now viewed as a trendy, easily commutable hotsppt and this is the newest concept, the curtis park micro-apartments. 56 units, just 320 ft.2 renting for about $900 a month, sold as car free living, meaning there is no parking attached. >> i was very concerned with the parking space that would be available. some days, i have to park a block away.>> reporter: the developer said in a statement, it's designed to be affordable and minimalistic. just a block from white real and a bus station, it's not the only car free bike -- micro complex proposed. a similar project is in the
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14th and court. >> i felt much more comfortable because of the millennial's hoping -- they hope to attract. there now. an empty lot with an all feel a garage. i may be one of the few but i'm willing to see how it goes. >> reporter: these properties are exempt from offering parking under the city's small lot exemption. the property over on curtis, or in produce park -- curtis park could be complett by next year. hold your nose. it's no secret, parts of denver stink. would now the city hopes to change that by requiring marijuana grows to submit an odor control plan but it's not just pot that stinks. jaclyn allen is outside the purina plant. that is one of the industries they are sniffing out. >> reporter: that's right.
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plant here, also sewer treatment plant and pot grows, all those smells are wafting into these nearby neighborhoods. the city proposes a plan but neighbors wonder if it will pass the smell test. when you wind is blowing just right in this north denver neighborhood, >> on a good day it smells like dog food. >> reporter: most days, the sense are unpleasant. >> we have a unique mix of marijuana, the rendering, dog food, wastewater treatment and the railroad.>> reporter: voters have been a long issue in this corridor amplified by a high concentration of marijuana grow houses. all this in an area on track for redevelopment. >> as people move in, they will start to experience these odors and they are going to demand that something is done. >> reporter: environmental health officials propose stronger odor laws. for example, require certain, smelly industries like pet food, pot grows and asphalt to submit odor control plans for approval.
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to the ordinance mean odors will be zero. it's that odors will be minimized to the best extent practical. >>reporter: they would also broaden complaint time periods and who can complain. neighbors worry it's not enough to get rid of the chronic smells. >> a call, a slap on the wrist, it doesn't add up to me is something that really has a substantial change. >> reporter: tte department of neighborhoods that are lower income are disproportionately affected by these odor issues. they say they will be briefing the city council next month and hope to have changes in place by this summer. >> let's take a closer look at proposed changes. residents, employees and business owners would be able to file complaints. the time period within which five complaints must be received to trigger enforcement would be
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hours to 30 days. also, instead of a citation, facilities in violation will be required to develop an order control plan. castle rock continues to grow but not everyone is happy about that. plus, we have seen hii dance moves on the field and now we could see them on denver7. i am stacy donaldson.
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like a lot of communities, castle rock is growing quickly. some citizens say too fast. they are taking unusual measures to put on the brakes. jaclyn allen found out what's being proposed may not work but it would send a message. >> reporter: construction boom in castle rock. but with all this growth, comes growing pains. >> it has grown sevenfold in the last 25 years. rock citizens for responsible development points to traffic bottlenecks getting toy 25 as proof -- >> the current town council is rubberstamping any developer proposal.>> reporter: help lackey resigned -- bill lackey is proposing this annexation of any -- anything with more than 5 acres going to the people. >> with that slow down the
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>> no, it would not.>> reporter: if the city can't annex the land, urban density can continue anyway in douglas county. >> if it's annexed into the 10 of castle rock, the town can work with the developer to help mitigate the impact. >> reporter: but citizens for responsible development question of the town is doing enough to protect its citizens, specifically criticizing three proposed annexations that would add about 4000 housing units. while this group says it's progrowth -- >> the idea is it would put the power back into the people to say whether or not this annexation coupled with development is good for the community. >> reporter: castle rock says its master plan manages growth responsibly. people like lackey say try selling that to drivers here waiting in traffic. >> greenwood village is the only colorado city that requires a vote of the people for residential annexations. in a statement to denver7 mayor donahue says they are working
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the growth. annexation is a piece of that and we see the benefits. is continues in denver. the mile high city was just named the number one place to live in the country but that comes with a price. to afford a home in the metro area, you need to make more than $68,000 and that's expected to increase to more than $80,000. the average apartment rent within 10 miles of downtown is more than $1500. still, the high prices aren't keeping people away according to the u.s. census bureau. more than 100,000 people moved to colorado last year. new information about a meatpacking plant in fort morgan. they came under scrutiny in late december when it fired 150 somali workers who failed to show up for work. the workers claimed religious discrimination. they wanted to leave the work line to pray at the same time. the company would only let a few of them do so. the plant allowed the fired workers to reapply forrtheir jobs 30 days later in a -- and a plant spokesperson tells us
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they were rehired. 100 workers have been hired but a spokesperson says the plant is still shorthanded. number business owners say there aren'ttenough public restrooms in denver so people are relieving theeselves in inappropriate places. this mobile restroom will hopefully fix that problem. it will be parked at colfax and clark as a 3-six-month pilot project. that will begin on march 7 and will be open from noon to midniggt. there will even be an attendant. >> if you know there is someone there watching what you are doing, if you're in that restroom too long, you're going to get a polite knock on the door and it's time to move on. >> reporter: it will cost the city $16,000 a month to lease. they may lease another one if it pans out. from outer speak -- outerspace to kazakhstan to houston, scott kelly is now back on your soil. he was the first american to spend as much time in orbit. he is enjoying a lot of firsts including hugging his kids and girlfriend. >> is just an unbelievable
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great countrr. i missed everyone very much. >> reporter: during his time in space, he completed nearly 5500 orbits, that's almost 144,000,000 miles, equal toothe moon and back. -- equal to the moon and back 300 times. he will undergo medical studies now. he came back from space a full 2 inches taller. >> that's pretty cool. we have partly cloudy skies outside. think goodness the winds have died down. it looks like beautiful springlike whether the next few `ays. then, some changes start to occur as a cold front arrive as for our weather headlines, it will be breezy tomorrow. a springlike weekend ahead and rain and snow shows up in the seven-day as i was just mentioning. our high today is 640. normally, we should be a 510. we are well above where we should be.
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the 20s but the record of 760 was set back in the 1920s. 460 outside now. 35% humidity and our wins at 13 meet me. we have really calms down wind wise and at this point, 5-10 miles per hour winds. the gus we're seeing around 13 miles per hour at dia. really nothing compared to the 40-16 miles per hour winds we saw in the last 48 hours. everything pretty quiet wind wise across the state as well. us for our high temperatures today, afternoon highs in the mid-60s from greeley to denver across the eastern plains and even 40s and 50s in the mountains and 60s for the western slope. also 60s for the southeastern part of the state where he will have highs in the 70s tomorrow. as for the futurecast, everything quiet. some high clouds moving hrough. winds start to pick up saturday and sunday for the eastern plains but for the most part it will be quite into the weekend and warming up every daa. overnight lows tonight in the 30s along the front range.
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and we will also have teens and 20s for the higher elevations. as for tomorrow's highs, into the 60s here for the denver area, even for the northeastern part of the state. those to 600 in 70s for the southeastern part of our state. we will have highs getting warmer and through the weekend and very nice on saturday with sunny skies artly cloudy conditions on sunday with a front moving through sunday night. cloudy skies, sunshine and cooler air monday into tuesday. partly cloudy taking us into the 50s tuesday and wednesday but even with these fronts that pull us down, we are still well above where we should be for this time of year. it is march, after all. >> we could use some showers. the broncos win and it could cost you some money.
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you've got to look at these pictures. these items are believed to be debris from missing malaysian airline 370. they were just found in mozambique. you will remember that flight with 239 people on board disappeared two years ago. an american tourist made it discount -- may day discovery. it's on its way to australia to be analyzed.
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have partnered up to tell the amazing stories of colorado athletes. we are proud to announce the three athletes from our state who represent the usa at the 2017 world winter games. alpine skiers vince egan and sue white along with join the cloud will be headed to austria. the three athletes combined have competed in special olympics for more than 80 years. congratulations to those guys. a broncos win, especially at the super bowl is always a good thing but the bad thing is tickets go up. only about three dollars but they will at up. ticket sales are expected to bring the broncos $62 million next season, of $2 million from this last year. >> they need a couple extra bucks to pay their free agents. that's for sure. the peyton manning deadline is fast approaching. what is he going to do? as of this moment, we don't know.
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from centurylink. welcome to seven sports extra. desperate times call for desperate measures like strine deone bucannon against the panthers. patrick roy isn't fun to be around when he is losing. the answer on the outside looking in for that last playoff spot in the west. pepsi center, hello. first-period power-play, i and i captain -- aye aye captain. 1- zero avalanche. then, matt duchene made it 3-1.
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avalanche wins 3-2. the wild won tonight as well so no movement in the western playoff picture. broncos right now, about $2 million over the salary cap. on march 8, peyton's $19 million salary becomes guaranteed. if he hasn't retired by then, the broncos will certainly release him. they need the $19 million. they also need to get some money back from demarcus ware. this is a game of dollars and cents. as we told you yesterday, the broncos have made a substantial offer to god brock osweiler to try to keep him from hitting the free market. john elway wants to stay around $12 million a year. %- the question is, did the broncos -- to the broncos overpay for brock osweiler? the broncoo have until monday to negotiate exclusively with their free agents. big news for broncos country tonight. super bowl mvp von miller will be on season 22 of dancing with the stars right here on
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perfect choice. he is always busting out moves at practice. of course, dances of epic proportions. the problem is, he is great freestyle but dancing the foxtrot or the tango is a little different. march 21. spring training. rockies d backs -- rockies-- backs today. spring. it was a three-run blast but nicely done. the rockies beat the diamondbacks 6-5. this is the press conference, people. conor mcgregor and -- got into it. wait until the fight, what you?
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" jimmy kimmel live" ! tonight, jason bateman -- from " murder" , aja naomi king. this week in unnecessary censorship -- and music from ceelo green with cleto and the cletones.


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